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"This pillowcase is made of 19 momme silk (note: Momme is the silk's weight, and, just like thread counts, higher is better. 19 is right in the middle), making it an inexpensive yet luxe."
Best Silk Pillowcases for Your Hair and Skin
Cosmopolitan - April 19, 2019
"You'll feel like a glamorous 1940s movie star wearing the MYK Silk Women's Silk Pajamas, with their classic style, flattering fit, and silk fabric that drapes just like, well, silk."
The Best Women’s Silk Pajamas You Can Buy
Business Insider - December 05, 2018
"You only sleep on one side of the pillowcase, so why should you have to pay for it on both? This genius design is made with a cotton underside to make it affordable, with a 100% silk fabric on top."
The Best Silk Pillowcases, According to Textile Experts
Good House Keeping Institute - December 24, 2018
"Why you'll love it: The MYK Short Silk Bathrobe is made from 100% silk so you can feel luxurious and lovely every time you don your robe."
The Best Women's Bathrobes You Can Buy
Business Insider - December 07, 2018
"Excuse us while we buy ourselves this A+ Secret Santa gift. This 100% mulberry silk sleep mask is made up of plush fibers that are rich in amino acids to nourish the skin while blocking out light, so your recipient can rest easy."
Best Products - November 28, 2018
"I tried it out for myself and worked with the experts at MYK Silk to find out how a simple fabric change can take beauty sleep to the next level. Silk Keeps Your Hair Smooth and Healthy Silk contains natural amino acids and proteins that reduce friction, which means that sleeping on a silk pillowcase actually keeps your hair from getting split ends and frizziness and even keeps your locks moisturized. "
Here's How Silk Can Take Your Beauty Sleep to the Next Level
HYPEBAE - December 21, 2018
"It's hypoallergenic, supersoft, and comes in a variety of colors to match any type of bedding. Bonus: they’re all machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about a dry cleaning bill."
7 Genius Ways to Prevent Wrinkles While You Sleep - November 06, 2018
"It just gets softer with each wash and has held up beautifully... I love it and will be purchasing more!"
The Best Silk Pillowcases, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers
New York Magazine- Strategist - September 10, 2018
"One problem with silk pillowcases: They’re so smooth they might just slide off the bed! If you’re an active sleeper who spends their night tossing and turning, it can be hard to keep a silk pillowcase on your bed. If you still want the benefits that a silk pillowcase offers, there is a solution. A pillowcase that’s silk on one side and cotton on the other, is the one for you."
The Best Silk Pillowcases for 2019
The Spruce - February 22, 2019
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