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Written by Jane Kim 


“We have been using a MYK Silk pillowcase for Holly and her hair has been WAY less crazy when she wakes up!” -Courtney

As a parent, your kids are your main priority above anything else and we understand this. This is why we have introduced our MYK Silk Toddler Pillowcases, so both you and your kids can sleep comfortably and peacefully without cranky mornings or sporadic wake-ups through the night. Our toddler pillowcases are OEKO-TEX 100 Certified, meaning, it’s chemical free and 100% safe for your young ones. Trust us, your future selves and kids will thank you.


Protect The Baby Skin:                                                      @tyleranddani

As a parent, you probably already know that your toddler’s skin is sensitive and not just any pillowcase will suffice in keeping them content and restful. MYK Silk gets this wholeheartedly, which is why we made sure our toddler pillowcases were OEKO-TEX 100 Certified, so it provides the benefits of being chemical free from harmful substances and hypoallergenic. We understand that your toddler’s have delicate skin and we want to help keep it that way with our products. Other materials can cause itchiness, rashes, or allergies due to unknown chemicals and there’s no reason for any of this to happen to your kids. Toddler’s need restful sleeps and they deserve only the best, so both you and your children can wake up happy.



Conquering The Tangles:

Baby hairs can be an extreme struggle for both toddlers and parents. Not only are they annoying to deal with in the busy mornings, but they can be especially painful for your little ones when you’re trying to comb through them. The last thing you want to do is cause a headache for your kids or put them in a cranky mood because their heads are throbbing. Mornings should actually be enjoyable, which is why our pillowcases are ideal for your toddlers. Due to our pillowcases being made up of 100% Mulberry Silk, there’s less resistance between your child’s heads and the fabric so you can say goodbye to those pesky morning tangles. Other fabrics like cotton and polyester attracts lint, which results in the hair sticking along with it. Your child deserves a pillowcase that’ll allow them to roll around and move as much as they want without the tangles or pain.


Cooling Down and Warming Up:                                    @mommy.skelton

Due to Silk being a natural regulating temperature, it’ll naturally adjust to the temperatures it’s exposed to. With summer days getting hotter and more humid, the heat can be unbearable for children to the point where they might act out or not properly fall asleep. Due to our pillowcases being made up of Mulberry silk, they’re consistently cool and smooth through the warm nights. They can stand up to hot nights and fevers, so your child never feels uncomfortable again when in the heat or they’re sick. The pillowcases can also stay warm when exposed to cold temperatures, so your toddler’s can stay cozy all through the night. The regulated temperatures and smoothness of the pillows will soothe your kids right into a deep sleep regardless any season of the year.



MYK Silk Toddler Pillowcases come in 2 different types. One being with both sides being silk and the other being one side being silk and another having a cotton underside. The 3 different colors it comes in are...

-Light Blue




Written by Jane Kim

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