MYK Silk Eye Mask: Beauty Sleep Must-Have

"At MYK Silk, we are all about restful, beauty enriching sleep, and we wanted to create a silk eye mask that would be your ultimate sleep companion." 

As you sleep, your skin loses moisture throughout the night, leaving it dehydrated while making the signs of aging that much more visible. Unlike Eye masks made from cotton or synthetic fibers, a Silk Eye Mask is tightly packed with amino acids and silk proteins, preventing those dark circles and lines from developing. Treat yourself to the ultimate night's sleep with MYK Silk with our Silk Eyemask.





Best-fitting design: When designing our mulberry silk eye mask, we wanted to incorporate the most ergonomic features to provide you with the optimal fit for the comfiest slumber. Not too big and not too small, you’ll be sure to get a snug fit while you sleep. 






Made and filled with Silk: We wanted our eye mask to be generous and honest: Our eye masks are made and filled with 20% more silk than other silk eye masks meaning the extra plush padding will provide a softer and more comfortable rest while boosting anti aging benefits such as preventing under eye bags and dark circles.                       




The Velvet Band: We are hair enthusiasts, too. Instead of a ridged and bumpy strap, we used a wider, smoother velvet band. The velvet band is secure and gentle enough to prevent any tugging or pulling on your hair.





Keep it affordable: We ensure that our silk eye masks are made to be more accessible and affordable for everyone while never sacrificing quality. Just like every other item from MYK Silk, attaining quality beauty rest while you sleep doesn’t need to be pricey!




For Everyone: We wanted the MYK Silk eye mask to be the essential that accompanies every style or any occasion, so we made it available in 9 classic and vibrant colors. From the timeless classic of French grey, to the warm shades of caramel, to the tropical, vibrant shade of peach, you’ll be sure to find the perfect match.


Continue your skincare routine while you sleep as the naturally luxurious silk fabric provides superior benefits you’ve dreamt of!

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