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Article: Sleep Awareness Month: MYK Silk Cozy Sleep Tips

Sleep Awareness Month: MYK Silk Cozy Sleep Tips

Sleep Awareness Month: MYK Silk Cozy Sleep Tips

Happy Sleep Awareness Month! Join us in celebrating healthy sleeping habits,we put together a list of tips to help improve your sleeping habits and some sleep essentials that will provide you a deep cozy nights of rest, keep on reading below!

  1. Choosing quality bedding is important to achieving your best sleep! That means your sheets and pillows play a major role in your sleep. Determine your best sleeping position and find the right pillows for you and what materials you like in your sheets to keep you the most comfortable at night
  2. Consider a weighted blanket! If you have trouble sleeping because you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious , a weighted blanket can help you fall asleep. Weighted blankets weigh anywhere from 5-30 pounds and can help relieve stress, the added weight helps produce a calming effect when placed on your whole body
  3. Better sleep means a better you. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night, not getting enough sleep means you’ll be groggy, tired and won’t be feeling like yourself throughout the day
  4. Disconnect from all electronic devices at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. According to the Sleep Foundation, being on your devices before bedtime can suppress your natural production of melatonin. So unplug all those devices so you can truly wind down before bed time and have that toss-and-turn free night of deep sleep
  5. Sleep habits during the day is just as important, that means try to avoid naps throughout the day! If you nap too long during the day, it can throw off your sleeping schedule, making it hard for you to fall asleep at night. The Sleep Foundation recommends keeping your naps to 20 mins or less
  6. Try relaxing techniques to calm your body before bed time. Deep controlled breathing, meditation, etc can help calm your body and mind, making it easier to fall asleep
  7. The ideal room for sleep is dark and cool, The National Sleep Foundation recommends keeping your room temperature for optimal sleep between 60-67 degrees fahrenheit 
  8. Keep your bedroom distraction and noise free to get a deep night of sleep. Invest in a high-quality and comfortable eye mask to block out all distractions!
  9. If you still find yourself tossing and turning at night, try putting on relaxing sounds-white noise, sleep music, meditative music
  10. Believe it or not, clothes can also affect how you sleep! Wear comfy looser clothing, tighter restrictive clothing can be uncomfortable at night. Anything that doesn’t restrict movement when you sleep is better

We hope these tips bring you the best night of sleep and helps you practice good sleeping habits, let us know in the comment below what new tip you’ll be practicing. Happy Sleep Awareness Month & World Sleep Day from the MYK Silk team!

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