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Here at MYK Silk, our mission is to provide high-quality 100% mulberry silk at an affordable price to everyone. This is why we cultivate relationships and invite influencers to experience  #MyKindofSilk, who will then share their authentic experience with their audiences.

Below you will find a collection of reviews from various influencers in the beauty, skincare, and hair care communities across all social media platforms. So go on and check out what these incredible content creators have to say about our most beloved products.

We hope these reviews will show you why our audience loves our silk goodies. It will also give you an honest insight into the experience you can expect to have after receiving your first MYK Silk pillowcase, bonnet, sleepwear, and more.

If you would like to join our community and experience silk luxury,

 email us at We are excited to collaborate!

We also have an affiliate program, you can sign up and get your own affiliate code here!