What is momme?

Momme is the standard unit that’s used to measure silk weight and quality. Similar to thread count, the higher the momme, the thicker and more durable it is to withstand all those laundry washes and night rests. Momme weight describes the weight of 100 yards of silk and 45 inches wide in pounds. So, if a fabric is listed as 9mm in momme weight, then that 100 yards of fabric weighs 9 pounds. MYK Silk offers a collection from 19 Momme to 25 Momme silk products and will always stay true to the momme count.


What is the range of momme weight that’s available? 


Momme weight ranges from a minimum of 6 momme all the way to a maximum weight of 30 momme. Buying 19 momme, in weight, is the most ideal because it considerably provides affordability, the best strength and balance.  


19 momme VS. 25 momme


Both 19 momme and 25 momme are durable in multiple washings, but the real question is, what is better? 19 momme is the usual count many people get because it’s more affordable while having all the great qualities of silk fabrics. However, if you run your fingers through 19mm silk and 25mm silk, you can definitely feel a difference. The 25mm silk will feel thicker and much more luxurious while all being genuinely soft. Higher momme also has a shinier appearance at first glance.