MYK Announces Limited Edition High Density Silk Pillow Slips

By Martha G.

The MYK Silk Team is always on the hunt for ways to re-introduce silk to the world. MYK’s newest addition as of Winter 2018 is the 30 momme silk pillowcase in queen and king sizes. Because of the intricate weaving techniques and the amount of silk used, 30 momme is rarely an option for purchase in stores or online.

This gem out-performs lower momme counts in many ways.

  • With about 60% more silk than 19 momme varieties, 30 momme silk provides the strongest defense against allergens, like dust and mold.
  • It is supremely softer and will reduce the risk of hair breakage by 90%. The glossy, protein-infused fibers allow hair to glide over the surface of your pillowcase and help your hair to retain its natural moisture.
  • The pearl-like sheen of 30 momme silk brightens-up any décor. Adorning your bed set with silk-covered pillows is like adding diamonds to a piece of jewelry. Silk catches the light in a way that will invigorate and inspire you.

Try MYK Silk’s Limited Edition 30 Momme Pillowcases in Queen and King Size today.

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