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Silk Night Sleeping Cap with Comfort Elastic Band


Night Black
Taupe Dots
Ivory Stripes
Tropical Prints
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Say goodbye to hair breakage,dents and frizz and say hello to waking up with healthier and silky smooth hair with our silk hair caps.

  • Crafted from 100% pure mulberry silk; breathable, durable & soft to the touch
  • Nourishes and helps lock in hair treatments, serums, oils in an enclosed protective moisture wicking layer
  • Securely conditions and combats dry hair with silk’s natural moisture retaining properties
  • Night time routine essential that keeps locks strong, frizz-free & balanced throughout tossing and turning 
  • Prolongs hairstyle overnight; reducing time spent in the morning restyling 
  • Stays perfectly snug with an elasticized headband for ensured maximum comfort without irritating skin; one size fits all
silk pillowcase

Silk for Everyone, Everyday!

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