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Article: Happy Lunar New Year 2021!

Happy Lunar New Year 2021!

Happy Lunar New Year 2021!

February 12, 2021 marks the celebration of the year of the Ox, the second zodiac sign in the twelve year periodic Chinese calendar. The MYK Silk team wishes you a year of happiness, prosperity, good health, strength and many new reasons to look forward to the new year! 

Lunar New Year is the most important holiday in the Chinese culture, but celebrated by many other Asian countries. Lunar New Year symbolizes tradition, culture, bringing the whole family together, and a new start to the year. Chinese culture has brought many things to the world throughout the ages, one of them being the luxurious, highly sought after commodity, silk.

The origins of silk are deeply rooted in Chinese culture as it is an extremely valuable commodity with a thousand years of history. In ancient China, only members of the royal family were allowed to wear silk, this instantly elevated silk to becoming a status symbol of class and luxury. 

Since then, silk is known for its luscious texture that makes it comfortable to wear and is a gentle textile that is known for its strength, durability and pure anti-aging and hydrating properties. Silk is great on the skin and hair because it helps retain your skin’s natural moisture while helping it stay more hydrated. Silk is gentle enough that it does not produce friction so it will keep your hair smooth and free from frizz and damage while you sleep. 

MYK Silk is woven by tradition and the love of ancient textiles and is now a standard in beauty rituals all across the world. Our sleepwear, silk accessories, and bedding collections effortlessly elevate any lifestyle as our mulberry fibers form a protective moisture barrier for the skin & hair ultimately preventing signs of aging while nourishing your locks. 

We hope 2021 brings you a year of good luck, fortune and prosperity, Happy Lunar New Year from the MYK Silk team!

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