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Article: Your Spring Break Staycation Guide

Your Spring Break Staycation Guide

Your Spring Break Staycation Guide

By Martha G.

Follow some of MYK Silk's suggestions on how to spend your Spring Break this year.

If you think about it, spring break isn’t a break at all. At least not for everyone. For a whole week, you are obligated to make partying, drinking and keeping your chill a full-time job. This may sound like a dream to some and a nightmare to others. If you are not keen on pretending to be something you’re not, or just hoping to be more peacefully productive during this spring break, you may want to try a relaxing staycation instead of following troves of your peers to la playa.



volunteer fun college spring break
Photo credit: Maryland Institute College of Art

                After a relaxing snooze on your MYK Silk pillowcase, you’ll feel motivated to start the day by giving back to your community. Through conscious and thoughtful behavior, you can make the world a better place one day at a time. Every town has a local homeless shelter, animal rescue center, or similar organization to serve those in need. Find one near you and spread the good vibes this spring.

Start a new craft or hobby

Photo credit: Love Knitting

                They say busy hands keep the blues away. If you have ever wanted to pick up a new skill, time is on your side. The first step is to choose a hobby that you will genuinely find interesting. Are you more detail-oriented? Think embroidery, knitting and scrapbooking. Do you enjoy figuring out how things get made? Give wood-working a go.  Undecided? Adult-coloring books can make you feel like a kid again while flexing your creativity muscles.

Get Lost in a Story

Photo credit: Penny Wilson Writes

                It may seem like binging on Netflix fills a bottomless hole of entertainment in your life but reading fulfills an essential need for your wellbeing. Unlike watching images move across the screen, reading is a unique type of exercise for your brain. Becoming fully engrossed in a good book, especially fiction, has been proven to help you become more empathetic (Science). Reading can help you relax before bed and may play a significant role in preventing Alzheimer’s in your later years. Grab your MYK Silk pillowcase, a good book and hunker down for some neural rejuvenation time!

Times have changed since MTV’s first, wild episode of Spring Break aired in 1986. Give the staycation a try and let MYK Silk know what you did with yours.

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