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Article: 5 Brilliant and Simple New Year Resolutions for a New You

5 Brilliant and Simple New Year Resolutions for a New You

5 Brilliant and Simple New Year Resolutions for a New You

Every January people all across the nation flock to renew their gym membership and restart their gym routines. The new year is the perfect time to try and renew yourself with healthy habits, but at this point the gym membership idea is so old that quitting the gym is almost as much of a tradition as starting. So what are some other self-care ideas? Here are our 5 super easy ways to rejuvenate yourself in the new year that are as easy as they are helpful.


1. Drink Rooibos Tea

If you still have coffee in the afternoon instead of tea, those of us who have made the switch can attest to the wonderful benefits of drinking tea. But whether you're just looking into drinking teas or you are a seasoned teetotaler, one unique and surprisingly healthy drink to try out is Rooibos tea. Grown in the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, Rooibos tea is known for being extremely good for your hair, your complexion, and for your circulation. Think of it as beauty treatment that's also good for your health, all in one delicious cup.


2) Sleep Better with Progressive Muscle Relaxation

What could possibly be more rejuvenating for you than sleeping? Studies have shown that people, particularly Americans, are increasingly getting less and less sleep every night. While the cause for troubled sleep may be outside of your control, one easy technique that may help is called Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Developed over 100 years ago, the basic idea is that you tense then relax one muscle group at a time, going down your whole body. A great way to feel more relaxed and helps you fall asleep that only takes 10 minutes a day.


3) Sleep In Silk Pajamas.

Speaking of sleeping, an even easier idea is to sleep in silk pajamas. Silk's natural benefits to your skin and har are very well documented. You'll soon find yourself enjoying clearer skin, shinier hair, and sleeping more comfortably, and all you have to do is switch to the most luxurious feeling pajamas you'll ever wear. Sounds like a deal to me.


4) Try Lemon and Honey for Basically Everything

As many people know, lemon and honey make for an excellent natural cure for a sore throat. But did you know a lemon and honey mix make an excellent hair mask for improving shine and strengthening hair health? Did you also know if you apply that same lemon and honey mix as a face mask, it can help clear acne while keeping your skin moisturized? That drinking lemon and honey (maybe in your Rooibos tea) may also promote healthy digestion and improve metabolism? Not bad for something that can be found for cheap in literally every grocery store ever.


5) Eat at Least One Meatless Day a Week

Vegetarianism is a growing trend but even if you aren't prepared for that kind of diet change yet, doing something as simple as eating meatless at least one day a week can have major benefits for your health. You'll be eating less calories, eating more nutrients, reducing your risk of heart disease, all while spending a little less for food. You'll even be helping the environment while your at it. A super healthy positive change with next to no commitment. 


There you go, hope you enjoyed our super simple New Years Resolution ideas to improve your health and beauty.

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