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Article: Happy Lunar New Year

lunar new year silk pillowcase bedding set  eye mask chemise camisole gift

Happy Lunar New Year

We invite you to celebrate this Lunar New Year with luxurious silk.

The origins of silk are deeply rooted in Chinese culture as it was believed that silk was far more than just a soft and beautiful fabric.The classic legend tells a story of a silk cocoon that fell into the princess’s tea which began to unravel. The result? The silk we know and love today.

In ancient China, royals and the noble class were instantly recognized as wearing silk was an important status symbol.Since then, silk been used as a secret beauty tool for centuries upon centuries as the gentle textile became known for its pure anti-aging and hydrating properties.It was also believed that sleeping on silk could beautify the hair as silk is naturally a strong but gentle fabric that does not produce friction.

Fast forward to 2019, this ancient knowledge has been translated into the making of our exquisite silk garments & silk bedding to the coziest silk sleepwear you could only dream of.

MYK Silk is woven by tradition and the love of ancient textiles and is now a standard in beauty rituals all across the world. Our bedding and sleepwear collections effortlessly elevate any lifestyle as our mulberry fibers form a protective moisture barrier for the skin & hair ultimately preventing signs of aging while nourishing your locks.

In celebration of the upcoming year of the Pig, we’re happy to release a collection of special bundles containing our new and already popular sheet and bedding sets in addition to our Silk Chemise & Silk Beauty Eye Mask bundle so you won't have to break the piggy bank this year!

Special New Year Bundles


Bed Set + 2 Eyemasks Flat Sheet + Pillowcasw + eyemask Chemise + Eyemask


6 Pcs Set: 4 Pcs Silk Beddding Set + 2 Silk Eye Masks

4 Pcs Set: Purchase 1 flat or fitted Silk Sheet + 2 Sided Silk Pillowcase + 1 Silk Eye Mask

2 Pcs Set: 1 Purchase of 1 Silk Chemise + 1 Silk Eye Mask

As pigs are the 12th zodiac sign and symbols of good luck we hope 2019 will bring you many new reasons to celebrate!

The MYK Silk team wishes you a year of happiness, good health & fortune as we ring in the New Year!

So go ahead and elevate your beauty sleep by adding a touch of luxury with our silkiest sleepwear & bedding collections this February 5th!

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