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Article: MYK Silk Summer Lookbook: Silk Scrunchies

MYK Silk Summer Lookbook: Silk Scrunchies

MYK Silk Summer Lookbook: Silk Scrunchies

Create the perfect summer look with our favorite hair accessory! Not only are silk scrunchies stylish, they’re also good for your hair and versatile for any look you want to achieve. Put up your hair in a bun, pineapple, low pony, half-up-half-down, there are so many options, or even wear it as an accessory on your wrist!

MYK Silk scrunchies won’t cause damage to your hair; they won’t tug or pull or leave dents in your hair like traditional hair ties.

Scroll through below to see our favorite summer hairstyle looks featuring our silk scrunchies!

The Scrunchie Ponytail


Scrunchie Pineapple


The Low Pony


Multi-Scrunchies Half-up Half-Down Pony


The Half-Pony


Space Buns


The High Bun


On the Wrist


Stay cool this summer with all the endless scrunchie hairstyle looks! Silk scrunchies are more than just your typical hair ties; they can help you create the summery looks you want to achieve!

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