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Artículo: MYK Silk's Father's Day Gift Guide Dad Will Love

Father's Day Gift Guide
Fathers Day

MYK Silk's Father's Day Gift Guide Dad Will Love

Since you spoiled Mom this year, it’s time to think about Dad! Show your love and spoil the father figure in your life with the gift of luxury. We made a list of silk goodies we’re sure Dad will love, read on below to shop our top picks!

 Men’s Silk Robe

For the dads out there who are all about comfort. MYK silk robes are luxuriously soft and perfect for lounging  around the house. What better way to show dad how much you care by giving something they can relax in! Crafted from 100% mulberry silk, it’s breathable, temperature regulating and perfect for year round lounging

Men’s Silk Short

 Another silk goodie to lounge and relax in after a long day. MYK silk shorts are ultra soft and silky and will keep Dad comfortable all day. Our silk shorts come in Navy blue, French grey, Night black, and Charcoal grey that are sure to fit their style!

Silk Eye Mask

 Gift dad the perfect gift for a great night of rest! The MYK Silk eye mask is designed to protect the delicate skin around your eyes along with a luxuriously comfortable snug fit to block out all light which guarantees you’ll get the best night of sleep. 

Silk Pillowcase

 Give dad a restful night of deep sleep. Not only will a silk pillowcase give dad the best sleep, it's also great for your hair and skin! Unlike cotton, our silk pillowcase won't cause any friction on your hair or skin that could lead to breakage and damage.

We hope our gift guide will have Dad feeling luxurious and spoiled this Father’s Day, they deserve it!

Use Promo Code DADSDAY20 for 20% off Men’s Silk items. Happy Father’s Day from the MYK Silk team!

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